Posted on March 11, 2011

The Right Way to Blog for Small Business

10 Best State WebsitesWe work with a lot of clients who are making their first significant attempt at getting an online presence in place to find new business. From the local dentist to a Florida talent agency, businesses are realizing they need to be where their potential customers are. That’s the beauty of the Internet. TONS of people are there at all times. But how do they find you? That’s the real question.

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Posted on May 20, 2009

10 Best Designed State Travel Sites

10 Best State WebsitesEach new season seems to bring an amazing new design from the state of Tennessee. They have been creating very eye catching and interactive sites for a few years now. This got us looking into other states and how they go about branding their online travel or tourism sites. We looked over each state and hand picked 10 that we thought were well put together. There were a few others that could have made the list as well but I have a problem with even numbers.. and the top 14 state websites just doesn’t have the same sound to it. Anyways let us know what you think of the sites featured here, and if you agree or disagree with any. (more…)

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Posted on May 13, 2009

Our process for putting together a successful website

ResearchWe aren’t proclaiming that our process is the easiest and most efficient. It just works for us and gets the results we and our clients expect. After each project we go back through and examine where we could speed things up, elaborate on certain areas, and continue to refine our process. Below you’ll find a very general path we take when starting out with a new project. Like with everything we do, we’d love to hear how others go about their projects and what works best. Again, this is just a basic summary of the process we take.

Gathering Company and Competitive Information

Every project needs to start off with some research. We put together a general profile of the client, what products or services they offer, their location, target market, and other objectives they wish to accomplish. From that we look over some local, regional, and national competitors to see how open the online market is. This phase helps us get a better understanding of the project, learning about the company, understanding their brand and also viewing their competition. We believe this phase is the key stage to any successful web project. It’s crucial to gather as much information as possible here. There isn’t anything about the client that you shouldn’t know to help get a better understanding of them.

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Posted on May 7, 2009

Finally the launch has happened

New Site FinallyIt’s been a long long time coming but the new nYq Design Group site has finally launched. It’s been a battle to get everything in place, clearing off some client work and setting aside enough time to wrap this up. We have added a bunch of new areas to the site, expanded on the portfolio section, added a “Work With Us” page that has a quick quote for prospective work.

The entire site has been built on WordPress. Surprise surprise, right? It’s always a pleasure working with WordPress, and knowing that updating or changing anything in the future will be a breeze. We are going to be releasing a few WordPress templates here in the next few months, so definitely keep an eye out for those. Plus we will be dropping new free resources once a week.. we’ve started off with a great repeating wood background (lil trendy, we know.) (more…)

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    RMS Building Services

    Family owned and operated cleaning company, based in the Syracuse, NY area. Over 25 years of experience in the cleaning industry.

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    Corless & Zinober

    Tampa, FL based law firm. Corless associates represents individuals and families along with small and large companies.

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    Joe Cleaners

    Indexing site for cleaning companies. Sorted by location and desired services, Joe Cleaners helps connect the provider and consumer.

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